Label or Indie Mixing Engineer

What's mixing?

After all of your individual tracks are recorded, they need to be combined together so that all lyrics and/or instruments can be heard as desired throughout the song. This process is called mixing.

A good mixing engineer can help a song be felt and not just heard. Each element should have a place that helps extenuate the feeling of the music. The better mixing engineer, the more they complement the music.

There's many opinions as to the best way to accomplish the ultimate sounding mix, but the consensus is that a mix should help make music feel good and be enjoyable to listen to on any headphones or speakers.



My Approach

I'm often asking myself questions before the start of a mix to help ensure a cohesive result.

These questions might be... what type of song is it?... Is it happy? Is it sad?...  is it supposed to feel big and powerful? Is it intense, or is it just energetic but not intense?? I won't bore you with my entire inner-dialog, but my goals is to be sure the mix compliments the song.

I also go over some of these questions during the pre-production and recording process in order to help aid the mixing process. There can be a lot of work required to get a mix to sound clear, exciting, and well-balanced. We want the listener to be consumed by the song, and inevitably, that requires solid work from an high experienced mixing engineer.



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