Music Production

steve-blackandwhite2Music Production can be understood as different things in today's "industry speak".

When I say I'm producing a song... I mean, I'm creating a composition for a specific artist, and that I am owning the outcome of the project. This means I'm using my opinion and experience in order to create something that's mutually pleasing to both, the client and myself.

My favorite music involves great composition AND lyrics! I enjoy working with writers, and I enjoy using their inspiration to create music. This is why I create music specific to the songs I'm being asked to create for. Authenticity, and exclusivity.

Now that we know what I consider music production, let's move on to how I go about it.

Generally, I want to find out what the mood or feel of the song should be. This might involve me delving into the lyrics or melody ideas the client already has. Next, I run ideas by them to make sure I'm grasping the idea. Then, I'll usually grab an instrument, and start creating a "template track".

This is the foundation from which we will build the rest of the song from. Usually, I'll ask for the writer to lay scratch vocals over this "template". My intent, is to build the instrumentation around the vocal parts. I want each and every instrument to have a purpose and place, and for these parts to accentuate the melody, feel and message of the song. At this point, I'll usually ask for a week or so with the track, so that I can dial in my ideas. We do final vocals, and then we mix and master!

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