Recording your music well requires someone to see your vision. Whether you choose to track your band entirely live or track your instrumentation individually, your can be assured the recording will sound great by anyone's standards. The live room sounds excellent, there's plenty of space, and capturing the absolute best tones and performance is my obsession. This makes for a very fun and rewarding recording environment.


Whether you would like your song fully produced or captured in its natural form, you will enjoy the sound and the experience of your recording. With my network of musician friends, we can create almost anything you would like to accompany your music.


I look at recording audio as literally capturing an audible moment in time… An artist must enjoy creating in an environment where, during that time, they know they were able to give their best performance. A great performance with the right recording will sound the way you want it to immediately… There’s always a consensus when it sounds right.



1. Pre-production:

Pre-production is an opportunity to jointly organize the song(s) so that we have a clear path to completion. Many times, decisions made during pre-production change, but the pre-production still serve as a template to grow a song from.

2. Capture

My experience is used to select the best recording equipment for the task and we get started. Sometimes, I will make a single performance from multiple takes, and sometimes a single take is plenty.  

3. Editing

Now we go back and alter anything that detracts from the song… This might consist of anything from auto-tuning vocals to tightening the timing in drums. Ideally, the initial recording is very close to a final product, and therefore there’s very little editing needed.


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