Studio Info:

Primary DAW: Protools 12.5HD / Studio One 4.5

Recording Interface: UA Apollo 8

Mastering Converters: Lynx

Master Clock: Black Lion Audio MkIII XB

Available Gear:

-High-quality vintage and modern microphone selection (Neuman, AKG, Telefunken - custom built, and modded mics)

-High-quality analog preamp selection (Summit Audio, Universal Audio, Unison, Focusrite, Manley, Chameleon)

-The top mixing plug-ins (UAD, Slate, Waves, Izotopes, Fab-Filter, Auto-tune)

-Virtual instruments literally in the hundreds of thousands (Ableton,

-Native Instruments, Avid, AiR, Fab-filter, Arturia)

-Well-kept Hallett Davis Grand Piano

-5-PC Pearl Session Custom Maple Drum Kit with Zildjjan Avedis Cymbals

-5 String Fender Squire Bass

-4 String Fender Jazz Bass

-4 String Ibenez SR500 Bass

-4 String Yamaha TRBX604FM Bass

-Fender Stratocaster (USA) Guitar

-Percussion Toys (Shaker, Bells, Claves, etc.)

-Acoustic and Classical Guitars.

-Yamaha MOX- Synth and Workstation

-Adam A77X Mid-field monitors

-HS5 near-field monitors and HS10W Subwoofer

-Avantone Mixcube (Monoblock)

-Custom passive relay monitor controller and summing cable

-2 Channels of Lynx Mastering Converters

-8 Channels of UAD Apollo Blackface Converters

-8 Channels of Focusrite Saffire

-Black Lion Audio MKIII XB Master Clock

-18 Simultaneous channels available for full-band recordings.


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